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Hi Ms Lynn,

You supposed to have proper tenancy agreement signed. The agent should has explained very clearly the tenancy period and all terms and conditions listed in the tenancy agreement.

Agent can find a replaced tenant but subject to fee charge, as this is treat as a new tenancy agreement. Agent has no obligation over this as the agreement is signed between landlord and tenant. Agent is merely act as witness.

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Hi Lynn, yes your assisting agent will remarket your property for you and again commission will still be earned once the next tenant is found. And by the way, for this existing tenant who terminated the lease, he or she has to reimburse you back a pro rated of the commission which you had already paid, besides forfeiting the security deposit.

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Hi Ms Lynn,

The onus on finding a tenant usually lies with the defaulting party. In this case, it will be the tenant. They are to pay for the fees incurred to find a replacement.

The laws in Singapore recognise that landlords should not be in a detrimental nor profit from this mishap. If the tenant found a suitable replacement and borne all the agent fees, the landlord should not be profiting from it and still forfeit deposit and charge reimbursement of agent fees.

Please verify with your agent if your TA includes a replacement clause.

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Adrian See
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