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Ander Ang

I would suggest hdb shophouse for investment. High rental yield of 6% or more.

Please call me at 96836230 for more discussion.

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Mervin Tang
Hello Wong San,

The decision would really be need be based on a lot more information,

For example, what are your investment objectives?
Is it for income stream generation?
Are you willing to forgo the income stream and wait for the big capital appreaciation to be realised?
Will you be needing these funds in the short term?
Have you already got a good diversification strategy?
With the $250,000, would you be investing into just 1 property or a few? Based on these, there is also the financing question. How much risk to take with the borrowed funds? How much leveraging to use?

These are some of the considerations that need to be addressed before making your investment decision.

Off hand, the different classes of property might suit the needs based on how the above questions are answered.

Thus instead of giving you an outright product to consider, it is definately best to sit down together over coffee to better understand your objectives and needs.

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