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About Mervin

Good Day To You And Welcome To 2020!!

My team and I have been in the industry for close to 10 years and over that time, we have learnt and gained much experience in successful deals done for our clients.
Over the many cases we have done, no two deals are ever the same. The one constant factor that has always remained constant is our COMMITMENT to our valued clients who have put their faith in us to accomplish their real estate goals. Be it residential, commercial, industrial, F&B, HDB, if the client needs it done, it will be done. Our client centric focus has been the key to how we have conducted our work over this long period of time, it has served us well, and this commitment we would offer to you as well. On our other work, please read on: Landlords/Tenants - CALL for Expert Opinion on your requirements NOW!! 1. ON EXPATRIATE RELOCATION (Tenants & Landlords) The moving process of relocation ranks as the highest of life’s stressful activities. For moving overseas for a new job, or for a fresh start to life, the uncertainty and surely the surprises waiting in store are sufficient stressors without having to add on any housing related difficulties. We come into the equation as a trusted partner for relocation purposes, to ease the transition in to a new city, and a new life as seamless as possible. To the extent to make the process as exciting and fun as possible! We offer a range of exclusive services to our clients: - Arranging for viewings - Location orientation - Offer and negotiation - Transition and moving in - Management of defects - Return of unit at the end of lease For family and housing for employees: We serve to remove the stress and worry from the transition that children face when moving into a new environment and for housing of employees. Our team has successfully served and sourced for a wide range of residential choices from landed homes, to condominium housing with their comprehensive facilities like swimming pools, reading lounges to tennis courts. Whatever the needs, we have sourced to provide the avenues for rest and relaxation necessary after a day at work, or at school. Furnished quarters for families, and transient housing solutions complete with housekeeping facilities are also available to our corporate clients. Right now, we do a mixure of resale, rentals, and expatriate relocation services in the EXPATRIATE HOT SPOTS in D15 and D16 of: The Bayshore, Bayshore Park, and Costa Del Sol. Today our specialty includes: A) Corporate Leasing and B) Transient Housing See more on Transient Housing Solutions here: http://sg-realestate-sg.blogspot.sg/p/corporate-leasing.html 2. ON NEW PROJECTS, RESALE and LEASING (Sellers & Buyers) We do a one stop service for NEW LAUNCH, SUB SALE, RESALE, and RENTALS via our team networks all over Singapore!! The Division's team approaches RESALE and NEW LAUNCHES by a GTA marketing approach whereby the team senior in the geographical zone is responsible for the listings within the area, thereby giving the GTA team the advantage of local knowledge on the area. Do feel free to call us for consultations! 3. ON NEW CAREER OPPORTUNITIES (New Agents) The Real Estate Universe is one without limitations. From the time of my team's entry into the business, we have grown exponentially in a short period of time by our consistent delivery of quality results to our clients and new associates. We have a 3 pronged approach to training and supporting our new associates, namely falling into 3 categories: 1. DIRECT LEADERSHIP on the ground by team seniors 2. PEER SUPPORT and sharing systems 3. Comprehensive ALL ROUNDED TRAINING in all real estate segments to ensure new associates are equipped with the knowledge to exploit opportunities present to them For a better insight into our operations and training techniques, do have a look at our careers page at: http://sg-realestate-sg.blogspot.sg/p/careers-with-huttons-asia-pte-ltd.html Best Regards, Mervin Tang Associate Divison Director KLG in Collaboration with SRI Call Today: (+65) 9184 0208 Website: http://sg-realestate-sg.blogspot.sg/ Sales Enquiry: mervintang.tp@gmail.com Discussions: http://sg-realestate-sg.blogspot.com/ Testimonials: http://sg-realestate-sg.blogspot.sg/p/testimonials.html http://www.thetembususg.com http://www.lafiesta-sengkang.sg/ http://www.qbay-residences.org/ http://www.sennett-residence.org. http://www.jewelbuangkokcondosg.com
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