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Hi Mr Tay, I believe your servicing agent would be the best person to assist you further. On a side note, I do understand that there are similar cases as per yours where landlord would go for the last resort to padlock the gate or change the main lock and making it a police case.

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Hi Mr Tay,

It is not as simple as putting up padlock the fate or change the main lock. There is a proper procedure to follow in evicting a tenant. You will need to apply for a court order (write of distress if I am not wrong) and there is certain regulations involved. It will be to your benefit to appoint a legal team to advse your on eviction issues as well as handling any prospective legal actions. Read More
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    Hi Gary,
    I agree with u but the court order will only active after a police report is make. Q is How long will this Court order will take action zz..
    This tenant illegal using a/c without approval as not per inside my contract. that y i gie hime 1 mth notice to get out my house. zz. Another Q ; how to claim those that he breach contract for last 8 mths zz