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I would be most glad to assist you further and pls feel free to let me know if you need any assistance. Have a good day ahead. By the way, it all depends on negotiation between all parties and I do have cases where my landlord intend to end the lease earlier and was happy to compensate the tenant which they accepted the terms.

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When there is no premature termination clause indicated in the tenancy agreement, then neither party has the right to terminate the agreement prematurely. There should be minor repair clause in the agreement to indicate what are the things tenants have to do in circumstances where things are damaged and require repair, or can be exempted from it due to normal wear and tear. If the property is HDB being rented out, then all tenants have to be registered with HDB.

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### Termination of Tenancy Agreement (TA) by Owner:
1. **Right to Cease TA Early:**
- If the early termination clause is not included in the TA, the owner generally does not have the right to terminate the agreement early without breaching the contract.
- Termination without such a clause could result in the owner being liable for compensation to the tenant.

### Deduction from Security Deposit:
2. **Wear and Tear Deductions:**
- Owners typically cannot deduct for normal wear and tear from the security deposit unless specifically mentioned in the TA.
- For damage beyond normal wear and tear, deductions can be made even if not explicitly mentioned, but it is advisable to have such clauses clearly outlined in the TA to avoid disputes.

### Registration of Tenants:
3. **Mandatory Registration:**
- It is mandatory to register all tenants who are Singapore PR or Singaporean with the relevant authorities, such as HDB (for HDB flats) or URA (for private properties).
- This ensures compliance with housing regulations and helps in addressing any legal or safety concerns.

4. **Non-Compliance by Tenant:**
- If the tenant refuses to comply with registration requirements, the owner should:
- **Inform the tenant** of the legal requirement and the importance of registration.
- **Issue a formal notice** requesting compliance within a specified period.
- **Seek legal advice** if the tenant continues to refuse, which could potentially lead to grounds for terminating the tenancy agreement due to non-compliance with legal obligations.

### Recommendations:
- **Review and Update TA:**
- Ensure all important clauses, including early termination, wear and tear deductions, and tenant registration requirements, are clearly stated in future tenancy agreements.
- **Legal Consultation:**
- Consult a legal professional for advice on specific situations and to ensure all actions taken are within legal bounds.

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