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Jenna Tong
Hi Lex,

You are entitled to ask them to leave on the spot as it is a breach of tenancy. Of course, it also depends on what was listed in your tenancy agreement. However, out of goodwill, and in order not to let things turn too ugly, you may wish to grant them a few days extension. Afterall, this is your own property and you may want to prevent any foul play should they decide to turn nasty.

You may like to lodge a police report. I would suggest you get a 3rd party, probably their own agent or a new agent to help to solve the issue for you. If there is a breach of contract, you are not required to return the security deposit to them. As for the trespassing issue, I would say that is not a big issue to worry about since the tenants have opened the door for you to go in.

Hope the above helps.

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