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David Peng C H
Hi Sky,

When an agent advertised "älready cobroke", that means that he is not the direct agent for the unit advertised. He is in fact cobroking with another agent for the advertised unit.

Their purpose of advertisement is often to find buyers/ tenants so that they can serve them.They will welcome your calls, since your are a potential buyer/ customer. Beware because some of such agents will advertised an attractively priced units that are none-existence to attract your call just so as to get your requirements and contacts. New guidelines by CEA does not allow such advertisements.

Indirectly they are telling other agents not to call them. If you have already have an agent, ask him/her to verify my point. These "älready cobroke" agents do not welcome other agent enquries at all.

No doubt you might be able to get the deal you wanted with such agents. The point for the consumer is this... do you want to encourage more such agent behavior by dealing with them?

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