You’ll be Issued a 300 Dollar Fine if You Don’t Wear a Mask, Even if You’re Within Your Condo’s Compound

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You’ll be Issued a 300 Dollar Fine if You Don’t Wear a Mask, Even if You’re Within Your Condo’s Compound
That’s right, folks. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has conducted checks on over 230 strata-titled residential developments to ensure that everyone is complying with the government’s circuit breaker rule. So don’t think that you’re above the law just because you live in a private property.

Four condo residents and one MCST have been issued $300 and $1,000 fines respectively

According to BCA, four condominium residents and one Management Corporation (MCST) have been issued fines for breaching the Covid-19 regulations so far. Each of the four residents has been fined $300.
Of the four residents who were caught breaking the rules:
– One is a resident from a condominium at Irrawaddy Road who had used the pool.
– One is resident of a condominium at Flora Road who was caught bringing her children to play by the pool.
– One is resident of a condominium at Sims Drive who was found not wearing a mask at the main entrance.
– And the last is a resident of a condo at Amber Drive who was caught using the condo’s gym.
Meanwhile, the MGST management at the Amber Drive development was also fine $1,000 for failing to close its common facilities. BCA has declined to name the exact condominiums because the intention was to "raise awareness of the enforcement actions taken by BCA officers and to remind MCSTs and residents of the importance to comply with the safe distancing measures".

But am I still allowed to exercise within my condo’s compound?

The short answer is no. All condo facilities are out of bounds during the Covid-19 measures, including swimming pools, gyms and basketball/tennis courts.
The good news is, public parks and Park Connector Networks remain accessible. However, you will need to keep a safe distance from others. NParks has a map that can give you an idea of how crowded a park gets.

Some condo residents are still ignoring circuit breaker rules

Despite the strict measures, some condo residents are still ignoring the rules, according to various reports. Many have been spotted loitering around the condo’s common areas without their masks or playing around the pathways.
When asked to put on a mask by security, one condo resident retaliated: “Who are you to ask me to wear a mask? You’re not an enforcement officer!”
Unfortunately, strata management staff have no choice but to endure the abuse and wrath of those who refuse to comply with the rules, as they are not allowed to issue fines.

Some management communities have been enforcing the rules

While some condo management has struggled, others such as CBRE Property Management, which operates about 15 premium estates such as The Sail, D’ Leedon and Reflections at Keppel Bay, have proved effective at preventing residents from loitering around.
These include increasing the frequency of its security patrols and ensuring that the lifts are unable to stop at levels where communal facilities are located.

MCSTs urged to step up efforts to remind residents of complying with the rules

To help enforce the rules, BCA has urged MCSTs and managing agents (MAs) to increase their efforts in reminding residents of the importance of complying with the elevated safe distancing measures and social gatherings.
BCA has also asked for residents to cooperate with MCSTs and MAs, and can report to them if they notice other residents breaking the rules. Residents have also been asked to ensure that they don’t allow any visitors for social gatherings and to wear a mask when they leave home.
Meanwhile, BCA has said that its Enforcement Officers will continue to conduct random checks on strata-titled residential developments during the circuit breaker period to ensure that the elevated safe distancing measures are complied with.

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