Moving House? Here’s How to Transfer Your Utilities in Singapore

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Moving House? Here’s How to Transfer Your Utilities in Singapore
Whether you’re moving into a new house or if you’re a landlord looking to transfer ownership of your utilities account to your new tenant, you’re probably wondering how you can transfer your utilities account.
Thankfully, transferring your utilities isn’t rocket science and you can do it at the comfort of your own home.

How to Transfer Your Utilities Account

If you’re moving to a new home, you can’t transfer your utilities account from your old place of residence to your new one as each account is tagged to a unique property. Rather, you would first need to terminate or end the contract of your utilities account first, before opening a new SP Services account. Transferring your utilities account will incur a relocation fee and you may also have to pay an early termination fee, so do check with your utility retailer.
Note that if you have any unused U-Save rebates while moving house, it will be forfeited. However, you can write to SP Services if you wish to transfer the rebates to your new address.
From there, you can choose to stick with SP Services or apply for a preferred electricity provider in the Open Electricity Market (OEM).
For landlords who wish to transfer utilities to a tenant, you can submit a Change of Ownership/Tenancy Utilities Account Transfer Form, but both the landlord and tenant would need to agree on the meter readings as it would be needed to finalise the readings of the old account and start the new account. However, the tenant would still need to open a new SP account, as such, it’s easier if the landlord closes the account and the tenant opens a new one.

How to Close Your Utilities Account

If You’re With SP Services

If you’re currently with SP Services, you can close your utilities account via these methods:
  • The SP Services App
  • Submitting the online termination form
  • Calling their customer service hotline at 1800-2222 333
  • Visit the SP Services customer service centre at the HDB Hub
Note that your security deposit may be used to offset any final charges, and the balance may be transferred to other accounts with outstanding charges. The final balance will be refunded to your GIRO account or a cheque via mail within a month, and SP Services will charge a termination fee of $32.10. You will also need to pay a deposit for the new account based on your residency status and type of residence.
SP Services would also need at least one to three days to close or open a new account.

If You’re With an Electricity Provider on The OEM

For other electricity providers in the OEM (iSwitch, Sembcorp, Tuas Power, PacificLight Energy, etc.), you would need to reach out to them and notify them of your relocation. You are also required to provide other details such as the account holder’s name, IC/FIN number, account details, new address, date of termination, tenancy agreement (if you’re renting), etc. Depending on the retailer, a small closure fee may also be charged.
It’s best to inform your provider a month to two weeks in advance and let them know the exact date that you’re moving into your new house for a smooth transition and to avoid any power disruptions.
After that, you would need to set up an SP Services account for your new home, before reapplying for a new account under your preferred electricity provider. Note that if you’re transferring from one electricity retailer to another in the OEM, it could take up to 90 days, so it’s best that you buffer your time accordingly.
And that’s it!
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Other FAQs on Transferring Utilities

As a landlord, you would need to terminate your account so that your tenant can open a new account under his/her name. However, you may also submit the Change of Ownership/Tenancy Utilities Account Transfer form to transfer ownership to the tenant.

You can open an account either via the SP Services App, SP Services website, or at the SP Services customer service centre.

Yes, you will need to pay a deposit fee based on your residency status and type of residence.