How to Keep Your Body and Mind Active While Staying Home

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How to Keep Your Body and Mind Active While Staying Home
If the thought of having to stay at home for at least a few weeks longer is making you break out into a sweat (or not!), let’s look at this as an opportunity to rethink our whole approach to fitness. There is a lot of truth to the belief ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. For some people, practicing self-care does not factor in when much of daily focus may be on careers or raising children, but nourishing our bodies correctly and developing overall wellness can help our mind cope with much of the stress and anxiety that’s present in these uncertain times. For some, wellbeing comes in the form of a heart-pumping full body workout, while for others, the chance to catch up on much-needed rest provides the restoration they need.
Whatever your preference, here are some ways to ensure wellness of body and mind when you need to #StayHome:

Focus on nutrition

With increased time at home, it can often be easy to fall into the trap of ordering meals in especially with so many cuisine options available in Singapore. While it’s great to support local businesses, proper nutrition and hydration are vital to lowering risk of illness and strengthening immunity. Just like you would now plan your trips to the supermarket or wet market well in advance, it also makes sense to properly plan your meals for the week. Incorporate a variety of protein, fruit, vegetables (frozen and tinned included), and nuts to your meals and make allowance for substitutions depending on what’s available.

No gym? No problem!

Yes, it’s tough being motivated if you enjoy the high energy camaraderie at a gym, or keeping pace with buddies at a running club, or revel in the energy of a group yoga practice. But working out at home in the time of COVID-19 is not just safer, but often doesn’t require much more than willpower to get started and body weight to build strength. If you’d like to add variety, equipment such as resistance bands and dumbbells are useful but unnecessary under the circumstances. Use weights lying around the house – such as food tins or bottles of water and alternate exercises to keep motivated:
  • Do a plank challenge! There are a number of programs available online and via social media to “take the plank” and transform your core within 30 days. If you get started now, you’d be done by the time Singapore’s Circuit Breaker measures may be relaxed!
    Squats are hugely effective for lower body strength, building your leg muscles and improving your core and flexibility. Maximise your workout by varying the squats with wall sits and lunges.
  • Shadow boxing, burpees and mountain climbers are high intensity workouts which rapidly burn calories and improve physical skill. Best for ground-floor dwellers so you don’t annoy the neighbours with all that footwork!

Stay distant, together

While social distancing and isolating at home is critical to flattening the curve of COVID-19 infections, the loneliness can hit some people particularly hard. People are social creatures by nature and would be yearning to connect with loved ones and socialise once more. Thanks to the proliferation of technology, scheduling virtual gatherings can be something to look forward throughout the long weeks! Many hours are now being spent connecting with people over video-call apps, which are great for shared cocktail hour and pub quiz nights! Scheduling regular virtual catch-ups with family and friends can also help relieve anxieties.

Exercise your mind – or don’t!

There’s no fun in all work and no play, during a circuit break or otherwise! Keep your brain trained and mind active with games you can play by yourself or as a virtual team-building activity with work colleagues. Enthusiasm in jigsaw puzzles is also enjoying a resurgence and a growing community in puzzle swap groups in Singapore – contact less collection of course! Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, so if you’d prefer to introduce a bit more stillness into your day, then consider practising mindfulness. These exercises, which include mindfulness meditation and focusing on breathing correctly, is a chance to reconnect with yourself and learn how to respond to stressful situations differently. Best of all, there are mindful activities which kids can engage in too!

At PropertyGuru, we believe that every person – no matter what their circumstance – should have a place to call home. As such, we’re canvassing support to help people whose lives have been disrupted by COVID-19. If you, or someone you know, #NeedASpace to stay in temporarily, please reach out to us here. If you’re able to #LendASpace, please reach out to us here. While “home” holds different meanings for each of us, at the core, it’s a feeling of warmth and protection, a sanctuary of comfort and connection.

Now, more than ever, we truly understand the power of this cherished space. #LoveHome #StayHome #StaySafe

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