Feb 2021 Toa Payoh Bidadari BTO Review: Prime Location With Great MRT Access

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Feb 2021 Toa Payoh Bidadari BTO Review: Prime Location With Great MRT Access
1,216 BTO flats have been launched in Toa Payoh / Bidadari as part of the February 2021 HDB BTO launch. The flats will be in three locations within Bidadari, generally between Bartley MRT and Woodleigh MRT, near the upcoming Bidadari Park. Judging from the demand in previous Bidadari sales launches, the estate is a BTO hot spot despite its cemetery past.
Aside from the good MRT accessibility, residents of the February 2021 Toa Payoh / Bidadari BTO flats will be able to enjoy these amenities in the vicinity: Bidadari Park (u/c), The Woodleigh Mall, The Venue Shoppes, The Poiz Centre, Macpherson Mall, and PUB Recreation Club. For families with children, there are also a few notable schools like Maris Stella High and Cedar Girls’ Secondary.

Toa Payoh/Bidadari BTO Maps (Feb 2021 HDB BTO launch)

ParkEdge @ Bidadari map

ParkEdge @ Bidadari BTO map

Bartley GreenRise map

Bartley GreenRise BTO map

Alkaff Breeze map

Alkaff Breeze Toa Payoh BTO map

Toa Payoh/Bidadari BTO location (Feb 2021 HDB BTO launch)

Toa Payoh (Bidadari) BTO location (Feb 2021)
Bartley GreenRise: Bound by Bartley Road, Bidadari Park Drive and Bartley Walk.
ParkEdge @ Bidadari: Bound by Bartley Walk, Mt Vernon Road, Sang Nila Utama Road and the future Bidadari Park.
Alkaff Breeze: Bound by upper Aljunied Road and Alkaff Crescent.
Nearest MRT
Woodleigh MRT, Bartley MRT
Nearest bus interchange
Nearby schools
Maris Stella High School (Primary & Secondary), Bartley Secondary, Cedar Girls’ Secondary, Stamford American International School
Other nearby amenities
The Woodleigh Mall (ready in 2022), The Venue Shoppes, The Poiz Centre, Macpherson Mall, Bidadari Park comprising Alkaff Lake and a heritage walk (ready in 2022), Health and medical care facility (proposed), PUB Recreation Club
All three Toa Payoh / Bidadari BTO projects in this launch are located in the area bound by Barley Road and Upper Aljunied Road. They are built next to and around the upcoming Bidadari Park as well.
Bartley GreenRise will be the nearest to Bartley MRT, while Alkaff Breeze will be the nearest to Woodleigh MRT. ParkEdge @ Bidadari sits nicely in between the two. That said, no matter which of the three you end up choosing, you’ll probably still be within walking distance to both stations.
For malls, residents will be able to choose among The Woodleigh Mall (ready in 2022), The Venue Shoppes, The Poiz Centre, and Macpherson Mall.
The BTO flats will also border the upcoming Bidadari Park, which will feature attractions like Alkaff Lake and a heritage walk. However, this also means that residents living on lower floors facing the park may potentially have to deal with mosquito issues.
Interested applicants who are superstitious or sensitive to noise may want to take note of certain amenities in the immediate vicinity. For example, Alkaff Breeze will be situated next to a proposed health and medical care facility. Bartley GreenRise will directly face Maris Stella High School.

Toa Payoh/Bidadari BTO price (Feb 2021 HDB BTO launch)

2-Room Flexi
From $169,000
From $312,000
From $328,000
From $464,000
From $475,000
From $611,000
From $579,000
From $622,000
All three Toa Payoh / Bidadari BTO are priced the same, and are the most expensive of this February 2021 BTO launch.
Toa Payoh / Bidadari BTO flats saw heavy demand during the last BTO launch in May 2017, where there were almost five applications per unit for 5-room flats. Additionally, the overall second-timer application rate for the BTO flats was a whopping 34.1.
Given the previous level of interest and the fact that it’s been a few years since the last launch in Bidadari, you may expect the prices for the February 2021 Toa Payoh/Bidadari BTO project to be significantly more expensive.
However, it seems that prices seem slightly cheaper for 3-room and 4-room flats. The only major increase is in 5-room flat prices, which started at $579,000 previously but are now $611,000 and up.
Based on resale flat prices in the area over the past year, the capital appreciation for 5-room flats in particular seem quite optimistic, especially for 5-room flats.
In addition, recently MOP-ed 4-room flats in the vicinity are currently being listed from $638,000 to almost $700,000. Comparing this against the $464,000 launch price for the Bidadari 4-room BTO flats, future Bidadari residents could possibly turn a decent profit when reselling their home.

Toa Payoh/Bidadari BTO amenities (Feb 2021 HDB BTO launch)

Residents of the Toa Payoh (Bidadari) BTO flats will get to enjoy close access to the MRT while being close to nature. They will also have a good selection of malls to choose from.

Walking distance to Woodleigh MRT and Bartley MRT

As mentioned, the Bartley GreenRise project along Bartley Walk will be only a 5- to 10-minute walk from Bartley MRT. With the station sitting on the Circle Line (CCL), residents will enjoy direct train access to areas like Holland Village, Botanic Gardens, and Marina Bay.
What’s more, residents will be able to change to any of the other four MRT lines in Singapore, all within three stops!
For those who will live closer to Upper Aljunied Road, Woodleigh MRT will be a 10- to 15-minute walk away. With Woodleigh MRT part of the North East Line, residents will be able to reach Dhoby Ghaut in only five stops.

Bidadari Park at residents’ doorsteps

Nature lovers will be thrilled to know that the BTO flats will be adjacent to the upcoming Bidadari Park. Slated to be ready in 2022, the 10-hectare park will be the estate’s “green lung”.
The new park will consist of Alkaff Lake, a 700-metre heritage walk, experiential trails, a boardwalk, and a kids’ play area.
Those living in the Alkaff Breeze BTO will get to enjoy Alkaff Lake, which will be just across the road. This $25 million artificial lake will be the size of about two football fields, and will double as a flood control feature for the estate.
Bidadari Park will be flanked by a few community gardens, further drawing families closer to nature.

Several malls in the vicinity, closest to Woodleigh Mall

There are a couple of malls in the area: The Woodleigh Mall, The Poiz Centre, The Venue Shoppes, and Macpherson Mall. However, the only mall within walking distance will be The Woodleigh Mall, with the rest requiring a short bus ride to reach.
Woodleigh Mall will be less than a 10-minute walk from the BTO flats along Upper Aljunied Road. For those along Bartley Walk, the mall will be about 15 minutes away by foot.
The Venue Shoppes is yet another mall in the area, which will comprise 28 commercial units, mostly consisting of F&B establishments.
For more retail and dining options, residents can also head to The Poiz Centre and Macpherson Mall.

Popular schools like Maris Stella High & Cedar Girls’ Secondary are close by

While there aren’t that many schools in the area compared to typical HDB estates, the schools close to the BTO flats are rather popular and well-known.
Maris Stella High will be just in front of the BTO flats along Bartley Walk, while Cedar Girls’ Secondary will be just across the road from the BTO units along Upper Aljunied Road.

Conclusion: Are these Toa Payoh / Bidadari BTO flats worth balloting for?

The Toa Payoh (Bidadari) flats have a relatively central location, and are great in terms of MRT access. The close proximity to an attractive new park will also be a perk.
While only one mall will be within walking distance, the locality will have a couple of malls that residents can choose from. Furthermore, there are two well-known schools in the area.
That said, there aren’t any neighbourhood centres nearby, so it looks like the only convenient place residents can get daily essentials and groceries will be Woodleigh Mall.

Pros and cons of the Feb 2021 Toa Payoh (Bidadari) BTO

  • Relatively central location
  • Close to MRT stations
  • Green attractions and popular schools close by
  • Good variety of malls in the area
  • Most of the malls in the area aren’t within walking distance
  • No nearby neighbourhood centres
  • Higher starting prices and competition
These Toa Payoh (Bidadari) BTO flats will be great for those who want to live in a central location with close MRT access. This makes the BTO project especially suited for those who don’t drive.
The BTO flats might also be suitable for those who want a location with more green offerings in an area that’s not “ulu”.
A total of 1,200+ units will be made available across 3-room, 4-room, and 5-room flat types. While this is considered a high number for a BTO launch, applicants can still expect tight competition. After all, you can’t apply for just "Toa Payoh / Bidadari" and hope to get a number under 1,200. You must apply for a specific project, each of which has 350+ to 470+ units only.
If the green offerings or close proximity to the MRT appeal to you but you have a tighter budget, you can always consider the Tengah project in the west. Tengah has been touted as Singapore’s “Forest Town”, and the BTO flats for the February 2021 project will be only minutes from the Jurong Region Line.

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More FAQs related to BTOs and Bidadari

Bidadari is located in the centre of Singapore, and conveniently near the city area. On top of that, the region is served by two MRT lines - the North-East line and the Circle Line. 

Yes, Bidadari is considered a mature estate by HDB.

Eligible Singaporeans are allowed to purchase subsidised flats from the government two times. 

Assuming that you are eligible, you may BTO as long as you are prepared to sell your existing HDB. This is because you cannot own more than one HDB property at the same time.