6 Impressive Green Homes for Sustainable Living in Singapore

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6 Impressive Green Homes for Sustainable Living in Singapore
We’re becoming more concerned about sustainable living, manifested by practices such as refusing excessive single-use packaging, giving up plastic straws, and recycling regularly. In making significant positive changes to the environment, individuals, and corporations recognise the need to do more.
When it comes to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), sustainable design, and construction, developers such as GuocoLand and UOL Group Limited are taking the lead, as seen in the 12th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore). Problems they’re tackling include Heat Island (UHI) effect, which happens when highly urbanised areas such as cities are hotter than their rural outskirts due to increased human activity.
Greenery in urbanised areas lower temperatures by creating shade on building surfaces, releasing moisture into the atmosphere, and deflecting the radiation from the sun.
Want to live in a green development? Here are some homes you can consider.

Green Homes for Sustainable Living in Singapore

1. Midtown Modern at Tan Quee Lan Street

GuocoLand prides itself on its developments that include biophilic elements. This integration of nature with our concrete jungle not only helps improve resident wellness and looks visually pleasing, but also helps in reducing the UHI effect.
It isn’t a surprise that GuocoLand bagged Best Sustainable Developer at the 12th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore), considering how another of its developments, Wallich Residence (2020 Winner, Special Recognition in Sustainable Design), impressed with its use of recycled concrete and steel, alongside wood that’s Forest Stewardship Council-certified.
With the upcoming Midtown Modern (TOP 2024; integrated with commercial development Guoco Midtown), residents can enjoy over 3.8ha of garden and landscaped areas. According to the developer, this is larger than the parcel of land the development sits on.
Jui Siang, partner at Ortus Design, says of the landscaping work of Midtown Modern: “The result is a naturalistic and organic landscape that invites nature back into the city centre, after many years of minimal green spaces in this neighbourhood where shophouse developments prevailed.”
In addition to the lush landscape that is less manicured and more ‘wild and free’, residents can also enjoy features such as creeks and pools, karstic mountain peaks, and even Zen-like rock forms.
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2. Park Nova at Orchard Boulevard

Winner of the Best Ultra Luxury Condo Development award, Park Nova by Shun Tak Holdings isn’t just the epitome of luxury. The ESG-focused developer is working to obtain sustainable building certifications for its increasing portfolio of eco-friendly developments.
Park Nova’s iconic gently undulating floorplates not only look like elegant butterfly wings; they maximise natural shade for residents by reducing direct sunlight that shines into units. There are also planters on every floor, and lush vegetation interspersed among balconies, serving as natural regulators of ambient temperature and green barriers to noise and air pollution.
In addition, Shun Tak Holdings selectively procures energy-efficient models for all its projects’ kitchen appliances from eco-friendly brands. It also installs energy-efficient air conditioners, water use monitoring systems, sanitary fittings with enhanced water efficiency, waste-recycling chutes for each apartment, and designs units to maximise natural light for common amenities.
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3. The Watergardens at Canberra

At The Watergardens at Canberra, which bagged the Best Nature-Integrated Development award, one of its standout features is the Savory Gardens & Harvest Pavilion. There, residents can try growing fresh veggies and herbs. There’s even a dedicated space for workshops and programmes for beginner urban farmers – the perfect place to nurture the farm-to-table movement.
Of course, other unique selling points of this condo are its gorgeous verdant landscape, integrated with plentiful water features, excellent public transport links, and more green amenities in the surrounding Canberra area.
The Watergardens at Canberra is developed by UOL Group Limited, Singapore Land Group Limited, and Kheng Leong Company.
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4. Belgravia Ace at Ang Mo Kio

Fairview Developments Pte Ltd (a unit of Tong Eng Group) may have picked up the award for Best Strata Housing Development for Belgravia Ace, but that’s not all this project is known for.
The developer also received a $148 million green loan from OCBC to finance this project, the bank’s first green loan that leverages the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore’s (BCA) Building Energy Efficiency Assessment (BEEA) tool that can predict the energy performance of buildings.
Scheduled to TOP in 2025, Belgravia Ace will have green features that include the use of natural daylight by optimising the window-to-wall ratio and low-emission glazing to minimise heat gain to the building, while facilitating better ventilation and reducing harmful UV and infrared sun rays.
The development will also turn to eco-friendly cement and aggregate, alongside the approved low volatile organic compounds such as paints, adhesives, and sealants. There will also be electric vehicle charging points installed within the property.
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5. Luxus Hills Contemporary Collection at Sembawang

sustainable condo_Luxus Hills Contemporary Collection
In 2022, developer Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited bagged the Best Premium Condo Development award for LIV @ MB. But we’re still gushing over Luxus Hills Contemporary Collection (Winner, Best Housing Development), which bagged the following accolades in our 2019 and 2020 PropertyGuru Singapore Property Awards:
  • Best Housing Development (Singapore) (Singapore) 2020 – Winner
  • Best Landed Housing Development (Singapore) 2020 – Highly Commended
  • Best Landed Housing Architectural Design (Singapore) 2019 – Winner
  • Best Landed Housing Development (Singapore) 2019 – Winner
  • Best Landed Housing Interior Design (Singapore) 2019 – Winner
What’s sustainable about this project is that the developer incorporated rainwater harvesting systems in all units to make watering plants (or washing your car) much more efficient, saving you money as well. This system channels rainwater to open areas on the ground floor.
In addition, the other green features of a Luxus Hills unit include a high double-volume ceiling with a skylight to let in natural sunlight (so you can reduce the need to turn the lights on during the day). There are also solar panels installed in every residence and a charging point for eco-friendly electric cars.
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6. Verticus at Balestier

sustainable condo_ Verticus
Soilbuild Group Holdings clinched the Special Recognition in Sustainable Construction in the PropertyGuru Singapore Awards 2020. Noteworthy is its 28-storey development, Verticus. Promoting biodiversity with its ‘Garden of Sanctuary’ concept, its thematic gardens are home to various plant species.
The property’s facilities are also designed using natural materials – earthy-hued interiors that evoke innate feelings of cosiness and warmth amid a heritage-rich district.
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Popular Green Home Movements in Singapore

Aside from considering living in a sustainable property to live in a more eco-friendly manner, families can adopt green movements at home. Another added side benefit is they may also shave dollars off their electricity or water bills. Here are some concepts you can adopt.

1. Farm-to-Table

Farm-to-table means consuming produce directly from their source with no intermediaries. This is sustainable, as food doesn’t travel long distances to consumers, reducing emissions and ensuring produce is fresher. For us, even having our own little herb gardens contributes to sustainability. Harvesting just what we need reduces food waste.

2. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means using less energy to yield the same outcomes.
Examples of energy efficiency:
  • Switching lightbulbs to LED
  • Washing clothes in cold water
  • Cleaning air filters regularly
  • Switching off electronics when not in use
  • Using natural light where possible

3. Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a water conservation technique that is eco-friendly: it reduces soil erosion, prevents urban flooding, and more.
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More FAQs About Sustainable Homes in Singapore

Search for a green home with the help of our PropertyGuru Green Score that evaluates each property you are browsing based on factors such as public transport accessibility and sustainability awards won.

Green homes use less energy and water in addition to other eco-friendly features. This can be achieved through rainwater harvesting systems, smart lighting, reduction of heat, and sustainable construction methods.

Green home owners may be eligible for special green home loans.