As a property agent, having a social media presence is important due to the increasing number of property seekers on social media. As an agent, how easy is social media advertising in your property marketing efforts? In this article, we will share why social media advertising is easy to do.

To help agents kick start their social media campaign, PropertyGuru launched SocialCast on Facebook, a feature at AgentNet that offers you both convenience and maximum exposure for your listings to interested property seekers on Facebook.  

What makes SocialCast on Facebook different from other social media advertising features?

1. It is Easy to Use and Manage

SocialCast directly imports ready listings to Facebook, so you don’t need to start from scratch re-uploading photos or re-entering your property descriptions all over again – SocialCast brings it over seamlessly for you.


2. You Save Time on Optimisation

SocialCast on Facebook already optimises the ad template and audience group to high quality leads, which helps you save a lot of time in ad optimisation. 

All this is done in just a few clicks on AgentNet (Web), you can start your very own Facebook ad campaign– hassle free.

3. Helps you Target the Right Audience Group

You enjoy guaranteed impressions from property seekers who visited your listings on who are identified as high intent leads.

Your SocialCast ad will also be shown to relevant Facebook users who are property seekers with similar profile as those who visited the agent’s listings on PropertyGuru.

4. Provides visibility on the ad campaign performance

Your ad performance report is downloadable directly on AgentNet where you can monitor how your listing is performing. You don’t have to go to multiple sites just to monitor how your ad is performing.

You’ll have a view of your ongoing campaigns and past campaigns:




In an interview with  Lester Tan, an agent from OrangeTee and Tie, he shared that one important factor of social media marketing is knowing how to track campaign performance, experiment on it, then improve from there. 

It’s good that SocialCast offers transparency on the ad campaign performance. This way agents can easily track how their campaigns are doing. – Lester Tan, OTT agent

Watch our SocialCast video of  Dr Tan Tee Khoon, Country Manager of PropertyGuru sharing about maximising the reach of your listing on Facebook easily within a few clicks.

Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team