The property market is always in motion. As market conditions shift and consumer interests drive new demands, property marketing needs to change too.

PropertyGuru is pleased to introduce Optimus on Nov 9, 2018, a new algorithm that helps agents get the best value for their property listings and magnify their reach in this changing market.



Optimus changes the way agents use Ad Credits to market their listings on PropertyGuru. It helps property listings stand out from the crowd by regulating listing supply and demand. It results in increased visibility of authentic, high-quality listings, meeting the needs of property seekers, and helps connect them with professional agents.

In this quickly changing industry, PropertyGuru helps agents keep up with the market demand. We know that each leads counts and that competition is fierce. In addition to Optimus, we are rolling out deep property and listing insights, and helping agents get their listings in the right place at the right time, generating better quality leads.

Driving higher visibility and high-intent leads. Ensuring quality listings for property seekers.

With almost 70% of the market share, we know the value that quality listings bring to our 5 million monthly property seekers, and in turn, deliver to agents. Our data and internal studies show that fake listings, poor quality images and descriptions, and inaccurate pricing dampen consumer demand. We are committed to driving the right connections between property seekers and agents.

With that in mind, we launched Boost in early 2017 to drive visibility and get agents’ high-quality listings to the front page, fast. in February 2018, we also launched Quality Photos Guide to support agents in listing great photos to capture the attention of our high intent audience. This November 2018, we are launching Optimus.

Optimus helps to surface high-quality listings, delivering more visibility and bringing in more leads to listings. It also reduces competition from poor quality and fake listings.

With Optimus, the amount of Ad Credits it will take to market a listing on PropertyGuru is subject to market conditions. Agents are empowered to market a listing at the current rate or later.

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How does it work?

Optimus is an algorithm that takes into account consumer demand and listing supply, by property type, location, project and more, to calculate the amount of Ad Credits needed to post, repost, and Boost a listing.

As market conditions change, the amount of Ad Credits to post, repost and Boost a listing change as well, delivering maximum value for each listing.

When the volume of market activity is high, i.e. both market demand and supply are high, like it is for a new launch in a property hotspot, the amount of Ad Credits used to market a listing increases. This potentially reduces competition from poor quality and fake listings, enabling connection of high intent consumers with best quality listings and the professional agents.

When the volume of market activity is low, the amount of Ad Credits required to post, repost or Boost a listing may decrease, enabling agents to take advantage of less competitive conditions to market their listings actively.

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Actionable insights to maximise the return of investment

We understand that for an agent, every minute and every cent spent on sourcing for and marketing a listing counts. They want to be hitting the right spots for the investments they make to be worthwhile.

Alongside Optimus, agents can look forward to a series of insights launched to them in AgentNet over the next few months. These insights will help agents optimise their property pricing, understand where to source for listings, and track how well your property marketing performs.

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The right tools to drive success

When it comes to driving results, PropertyGuru delivers.

Through advanced property and listing insights, agents now have a full understanding of their listing’s quality, market demand, and potential impact. With technology-driven tools like Boost, Quality Photos Guide and Optimus, agents are equipped to drive consumer interest and capture the attention of the largest audience of property seekers in Singapore.

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