De-cluttering can be so difficult when all the items taking up space hold so many precious memories. However, hold on to too many of them and you’ll quickly run out of space for day to day items. Here are a few tips on how you can free some space in your home using storage facilities.

Pack away old books, documents and folders.

Paper might be thin but we accumulate so much of it over time. What’s precious, of course, is what’s on it. Our school notes from all those years ago are still in their folders at the back of the shelf. We’re not going to throw them out because we worked so hard over them, even if we’ll never need to remember what dy over dx, or the Periodic table is. Our favourite books from when we were younger that we know we’ll read again, one day when we have the time.

These items are great memories, but they also take up too much space. An easy way to create some space at home, and still have these items available for when you need them is to use a storage service.

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Box up clothes and shoes you rarely use

Let’s be honest. How many of the clothes we keep in our closet do we wear in a month, or even a year? What about the cute little onesies the baby has outgrown? The wedding gown. That favourite dress from five years ago that we know we can fit into again if we just diet a little. Those pretty heels that we’ll only wear for the most special occasions. They’re still in the closet, making it hard to put away the clothes that we wear to work almost every week.Clothes not only take up space, but can end up being quite heavy. Fortunately, there are services that not only store these bulky items for us, but also collect it from our homes.

Clothes not only take up space, but can end up being quite heavy. Fortunately, there are services that not only store these bulky items for us, but also collect it from our homes.

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Get rid of bulky items

We’ve all got that really big suitcase we bought for those shopping holidays. Nothing is more fun than hitting those overseas factory outlets or summer sales. But let’s face facts. We might only go on such a holiday once every few years. And all that time, this massive suitcase is taking up space in our store room or bomb shelter.

Storage facilities can accommodate these bulky and even odd-sized items. It would be a lot more practical to use such a service and then retrieve them only when needed. Best of all, they even deliver the item to your house when you need it!


Storage solution

Work+Store Valet Storage offers easy, affordable solutions to help you store these precious items and memories away for when you need them again.

Order a storage box online, and have it sent to you for free. Pack your items, take a photo, and use the handy system to keep track of what you’re putting in storage. Schedule a pick up online, and a team member will pick it up from your home. Now all you have to do is sit back, and think about how to use all the space you’ve freed up.

Whenever you need an item, just schedule a delivery, and have it sent straight to you.

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Tim Moth
Jan 29, 2016
ADVERT alert. Alternatives to costly monthly storage: 1) DONATE items to charity (altruism) 2) DISPOSE of items you don't use (sanity) 3) LIQUIDATE good condition unused items on Ebay or similar. Running this as a 'news' story. Shameful.