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Property outlook for 2015
Dec 19, 2014
The private residential sector in Singapore will be interesting to watch in 2015, according to some analysts.

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I expect to see more mortgagee sales for shoebox units in J Gateway when J Gateway TOPs.

Posted by Westman on "Shoebox units surfacing in auctions"

Sounds like a scam to me!

Posted by crashNburn on "Hiap Hoe sells upscale condo to controlling shareholder"

If foreign investors are to blame for property prices not to fall, in other words, failure in policies, increase tax for foreign buyers.

Posted by Nip the root cause on "Private homes prices may fall up to 15% in next two years: report"

Singapore is one of the world top City of the world and safe haven to live in yet the property market is imperfect. Please have your opinions?

Posted by chan sik hong on "Private homes prices may fall up to 15% in next two years: report"

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Tis the season to spend future money?
by Property Soul  Dec 15, 2014
With the countdown to Christmas...
Each year on the 31st of January,...

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