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S'poreans still buying Johor homes despite vehicle entry fee
PropertyGuru.com.sg - Jul 31, 2014

Singaporeans are still keen on buying homes and commercial lots in Johor even as the government plans to impose a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fee on foreign vehicles entering the Malaysian state, said R&F Properties Sales Executive Chan Fook...

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This is still crazy high! In other developed countries it is much lower.

Posted by SAF SAF on "Lower ratio of foreign homebuyers"

This "news" is actually an infomercial.

Posted by What! on "Buyers win with ancient strategies"


Posted by Michael Goh on "Eye on Tiong Bahru: Convenience in Proximity"

You know the measures are working when the CEOs start pleading.

Posted by Jackie Chai on "Fine-tune ABSD for Singaporeans: Wing Tai Chairman"

unfortunately the drop in volume does not translate equivalent drop in the value!

Posted by Aik Peng Ng on "Slump in June new home sales"

Measures for PRs and foreigners should remain. After a while, maybe tweak those for Singaporeans only.

Posted by Agreed on "MND says no to relaxing property cooling measures"

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