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Usually an agent will remove their listings when a property is sold.

The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) in 2011 issued a circular outlining the following on advertising:

3.1 Not to cause or allow inaccurate, false or misleading offer, proposal, statement, representation, claim or information

"All advertisements shall not be inaccurate, false or misleading. Estate agents and salespersons shall not insist that the prospective buyer, seller, landlord or tenant engage them or another estate agent or salesperson. (Note: the ban on dual representation has to be observed).

The CEA requires all estate agents to uphold a high level of conduct and ethics. You may wish to complain to CEA via the following link: https://www.cea.gov.sg/consumers/complaints/report-a-salesperson-estate-agent

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....Some even keep on advertising the flat despite being sold. Why?????...

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