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Ken Tan
Hi Mdm,

That would have to depend on the reason for your purchase. Depending on your needs, there will be different routes that you can take.


Ken Tan
Jerry Wong 黃崇豪
Hi Mdm Koh

I did write an article about this, do feel free to take a look at it at the following link.


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Jerry Wong
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Wee-Ling Chew
Hi Mdm Koh, it seems as if the demand for such units had been under-estimated. Besides good demand for such units for rentals from expats who want their own privacy (as opposed to sharing a unit with others), many young (or not so young) singles are looking forward to moving out of their parents' home in search of independence, privacy and their own nest. If you are below 35 and single, there aren't other options besides private condos. For those above 35, many aspire to live a higher-quality lifestyle in a private development than a HDB flat, and they prefer a smaller space which is easier to upkeep, as well as the facilities which come with a condo.

If you are looking to invest in a 1BR unit, do reach out to me, I am marketing an upcoming launch at Punggol Central.


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