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There are a few differences between a private condo and an executive condo (EC). A private condo is privately-owned from the start while an EC starts off as public housing and becomes fully privatised after 10 years, by which time it is treated as a private property. As ECs are initially treated as public housing, they tend to be 25% to 35% more affordable than private condos. Depending on your eligibility, you can also take advantage of CPF Housing Grants to buy an EC, which you can't do for a private condo.

While ECs are lower in price, it doesn't make them less valuable. In fact, the lower selling price of ECs means these properties typically have greater potential for capital appreciation than private condos. But there is still a possibility for lower price gains as ECs are usually located far from the city centre and MRT stations. Have questions about ECs? Learn more: https://www.propertyguru.com.sg/property-guides/executive-condo-vs-private-condo-10371

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Hi Lee,

As Derrick mentioned, the main difference is the restrictions on ownership. If you take any grants for the purchase, you are not able to sell the EC for 5 years after moving in.

For ECs less than 5 years you are also not able to sell to people other than Singaporeans and PRs, regardless if you took any grants for the purchase.

There will be no restrictions on ownership after the EC is 10 years old. Thus EC is usually cheaper due to this restriction.

Most of the time EC location are also not as ideal as condos as EC is meant to be priced between HDB flats and condos.

I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if I'm not clear in the above.

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Check it out this useful and relevant information about "condo VS executive condo" https://goo.gl/Tci58S




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