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A common room refers to a room that has no attached bathroom unlike a master bedroom. Usually, a residential unit will have one or two such common rooms and a master bedroom. It is also smaller in size. Depending on your living arrangements, you may or may not share the room with others.

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a common bedroom generally is a second or third bedroom that is not the master bedroom in a house - smaller in size than a master bedroom but does not necessarily mean it has to be shared with others.

a common bathroom, however, typically refers to a bathroom that is not part of any one bedroom, and could be shared with other occupants, and guests, in a house. a typical ratio of common bedroom to common bathroom is 2:1.


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Daniel Ho
In Singapore, a 'common room' generally refers to a bedroom that does not have an attached bathroom. Bathroom used would typically be the 'common bathroom' or the 'shared bathroom'. The usage arrangement will depend on the configuration arrangement of the property.

This is in contrast with a 'master room' which generally means that there is an attached bathroom for exclusive use.

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