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Kevin Chung 莊國賢
Dear Sandar

Officially, the steps are taking the RES course, followed by taking the RES exam and joining an agency who will apply to CEA for your license to operate as a salesperson.

However, the right approach is to speak to Managers in agencies who are recruiting and find out as much as you can from them about the industry and also how they can help you to be successful.

Never make the mistake of joining a friend or relative. You must feel comfortable with the manager and is able to learn from him/her. There must be synergy as it's a long term partnership.

In my team, most of our partners made a mid career switch into real estates. We are family focused and we intend to grow old together. We have very independent producers and we also have team projects to support those who prefer to work as a team.

We are learning and growing together, the most important thing is, we are committed to each other's success. If you like such an environment, give me a call at 968 55070.

Kevin Chung B. Info Tech, Cert-in-CES
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Catherine PANG
Firstly, come and discuss with us. Secondly, we will introduce our associates to share with you their experiences. Our associates passed RES examination on their first attempt. They passed WPLN test. They are above 50 years old. They are either Singaporeans or SPRs. They are hardworking. They are consistent. They have no real estate experience. They have desire to be full time agent. They have existing employment. They have listings to work on.They have viewing arrangements.They have started to earn extra money.They close more than one transaction. They do not own a vehicle. They believe in the strategy. They follow a system. They meet minimum once a week. They ask questions. They are in our team. www.catherinepang.com Read More


Michael Wong
Hello ,

The basic criteria to be eligible is -
1. min 21 yrs old
2. must have 4 O'level passes.

Then, you will need to register at the Council for Estate Agencies(CEA)and enrol for the new council course & exam, Real Estate Salesperson (RES) (and pass the exam). www.cea.gov.sg. Then, you may join any agency of your choice.

Check their website out:- www.cea.gov.sg

Alternatively, if you do not possess 4 O'level passes, you have to take and pass a test, called - WPLN (Workplace Literacy & Numeric skills) conducted by WDA (Workforce Development Agency) before you can register for the RES course, conducted by CEA. Once you've passed RES, you may join any agency of ur choice.

Here's a quick intro on my team :-

My team and DTZ have a very systematic way of training our associates. We have a track record of producing many Top Producers, Top Managers and Top Rookies at DTZ. Your initial phase of learning is very important. Don't make the mistake of joining the wrong team. Mentorship and training can make or break a property agent's career. Don't compromise on that! Join a reputable company with a reputable team! DTZ is a company which has upheld its reputation for years too!

Today, we would like to invite you to meet us at DTZ Debenham Tie Leung (SEA) Pte Ltd for a fulfilling and promising career opportunity. At DTZ, we are constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic and prospective individuals and real estate agents to come & join us for new & exciting opportunities. We have many interesting projects lined up for you to explore & experience with fantastic commissions for the motivated people who aim to achieve!

If you are keen to meet up, please feel free to contact me at my mobile and email listed below to arrange for a confidential, no-obligation discussion at your own convenience. Alternatively, leave me your name, contact no and email address and I shall get intouch with you soon.

Goodluck & Cheers! :)

Best Regards,
Michael Wong
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