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Geryl Lim
What is good for me may be bad for you, and vice versa.

What has triggered you to ask this question in the first place? If we are unable to understand what your perspectives in deriving to this situation is, and what your potential concerns are, we will be unable to accurately pin down the pros and cons.

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  • PP
    Thinking of getting a ground floor condo unit but have some concerns examples:

    1. Darker.
    2. Hotter.
    3. More pests and inserts, etc.

    Any ground floor occupiers can advise?
Dora Goh

I've rented out some units at the ground floor and honestly it depends on your taste and preferences.

1. Darker - not exactly, depends on where you're facing as well
2. Hotter - sometimes the higher floors are hotter!
3. More pests and insects - if you have a patio full of plants, then it cannot be avoided.

There are definitely advantages for ground floor units, that's why there is demand for it!

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