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Soh Huan Yao (Stanley)

There are a few factors to consider whether to get freehold or 99yrs.
Will you sell in 5-10yrs time? or will you likely to sell even longer then 10yrs down the road?
Will you consider to rent out the private property and still stay in HDB while the rental pays for your mortgage yet enjoy the facilities in the condo?

I would like to explore some options with you if you are available to meet up for a short coffee session?

Stanley soh
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Joanne Chia 谢诗琳
Hi curious

Freehold or leasehold better depends on how long you will keep your property .

Freehold - no pressure to sell within second or third peak property price cycle ,
Can hold as long as your pocket can afford .

Leasehold - rush to sell within second or third peak property cycle . Banks are not very generous with loans / bank valuations with very old leasehold properties.

Advantage of leasehold - more chioce of prime locations n Cheaper than freehold.

Freehold properties stand a better chance of being en-bloc.

I am marketing new launches , various budgets , locations , freehold , 999 and 99 year leases , residential , commercial, offices and industrial . Please call me if interested .

Joanne chia
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