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Geryl Lim
Dear buyer,

In the past week, there has been 2 contradicting reports regarding the property market, with 1 reporting that resale price index has dropped for 2nd month, and another reporting signs of recovery (when it has not really drop) with buyers coming back into the market after the introduction of ABSD.

Now, which report should we refer on to make a decision? Both reports are reliable so it makes buyers like you in turmoil over whether to wait or proceed, with ready cash in pocket.

Regardless the amount of advise we can give, are you going to rely on these advise to proceed in making a decision, and should the results be on the other side of our advise, will you be blaming the us for the wrong advise? In short, I strongly believe that you have more or less made up your mind on how you feel the market is likely to go but seeking for 2nd opinion to reinforce your belief.

My advise is, if you have the money for the purchase, go ahead and do it but leave yourself with some options for this purchase and do not rush. Unless you like the unit and price is not unreasonable within your budget, then go ahead.

Geryl LIM
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