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Hi, appreciate your sharing. Due to latest measures and tighten, it subjects to developer to work out before able to go for it again.
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Parc Oasis En-Bloc Possibility and Payout Calculations
En-Bloc Possibility:

There have been discussions about Parc Oasis potentially undergoing en-bloc again. However, it's difficult to predict with certainty. Here's why:

Collective Agreement: All owners must agree to sell for an en-bloc to proceed.
Market Conditions: Favorable property market conditions are crucial for developers to make attractive bids.
Government Approval: The government needs to approve the increased plot ratio (explained below).
Calculating En-Bloc Payout:

An accurate calculation is complex and depends on several factors:

Final Sale Price: This depends on negotiations and market value at the time of the en-bloc.
Number of Units: Parc Oasis has X units (replace X with actual number).
Unit Size: The payout will vary depending on the size of your unit (square footage).
Example (for illustration only):

Assume a hypothetical total sale price of S$1 billion for Parc Oasis.
Divide this by the number of units (X) to get the base payout per unit.
Plot Ratio Increase Calculation (Estimation):

Increasing the plot ratio from 2.0 to 3.5 could potentially allow a developer to build a larger project**.
This might lead to a higher total sale price** during an en-bloc, increasing payouts for individual owners**.
Important Note:

This is a simplified example. Actual calculations involve factors like balcony space, floor level, and developer plans.

Stay Informed: Attend residents' meetings or contact your condo management for updates on en-bloc discussions.
Engage a Property Consultant: A property consultant familiar with the area** can provide more specific estimates** based on market trends.
Seek Legal Advice: A property lawyer can advise you on your rights and obligations** as a homeowner in an en-bloc situation.
By staying informed and potentially consulting professionals, you can be better prepared if an en-bloc proposal for Parc Oasis surfaces.

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