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Shaun Ong 王韦盛
Hi Ben,

Good Question! I was browsing and noticed that you asking such a question that really cracks my head.

I agreed with what you said about district 10 under the prime area. Below is my own personal opinion. No offense if I’m been rude.

My personal opinion

Why Atria at Meyer price is on par with The Levelz?

Because is District 15: District and Location. I know is vague.

Try asking your friends, what do they think of D15; For me, one think that I could think of / comes into my mind is east coast park...Near where? ‘Seaside’
What comes into your mind again, having seafood, cycling, jogging, bbq, tons of activities with your family? It shows different concept and lifestyle staying at Atria at Meyer and staying at The Levelz.

One good example, why those investors willing to pay for $2500 + PSF for apartment at Sentosa (island on it’s own with no good schools around, no nearby amenities, nothing…) the investor told me is because of “lifestyle, privacy and seaview that pursued him to buy that place”.

Back to Atria at Meyer, the awareness of D15 is already been established where investors/ buyers have the mentality that the location is near the seaside. Again it serves different needs and analysis points to investors/buyers in term of investment or for staying.

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