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Good day sir / madam ...........to majority of condo owners enbloc is good if the price is good ..........however if you are considering buying a resale condo with enbloc potential , do bear in mind seller stamp duty of 4-16% applies if enbloc materialise within the 4 years of your purchase ...........May i offer my housing services ........ My charges are 1% commission for exclusive selling rights to your property.......or 2% for open listing ......pardon me for boasting for marketing purposes........i have successfully close condo, hdb and landed property deals within 1 viewing while serving sellers.......realistically i am no miracle salesperson but merely a property matchmaker ........it is a willing buyer willing seller pricing that seal the deal .........i can provide you a free of charge detailed report of your property........kindly contact me for a no obligations chat for your housing needs.......joanne chia .....huttons real estate .....sms or call hp 8333 3327  ........chia_joanne@yahoo.com.sg.. Read More

Regard to your question. Why not you just drop me an email at ot1984pierre@gmail.com or Contact me @ +65 8 2 7 9 8 3 2 7 - Whatsapp / Call / SMS

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