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Margaret Ng
Hi Albert, I agree with you that through time Freehold properties will be reduce in number gradually. As you have said when govt. acquire freehold land, they put them on tender on leasehold term. The talk of the town on the 1st half of the year is escalating property prices which we have never seen before. Wonder where the property prices are heading. With the current financial crisis, the prices of property seems to be slightly softer. Read More


Catherine PANG
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Kevin Chung 莊國賢
FH & 999 yrs properties are Pre-PAP. It is true that FH is sought after. However, with more and more residential land sold as 99yrs, the price gap is narrowing. The main advantage of a FH land is in it's perceive value. That value is diminishing over time especially when balance lease can be top-up.

A wise investor will not over pay for FH properties. Call me if you like to know more about value investment.

Kevin Chung
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  • AL
    SLA reject the application of the Arcadia condo for a lease top-up despite obtaining 100% support from the owners. SLA's decision has also turned the spotlight on other ageing 99LH condos like Lutheran Towers, One Tree mansions & Hollandswood Court. So Kevin, u r an expert, pls help all those owners who r desperate to top-up their lease like u say u just need to pay & definitely u will get your ageing condos to renew back to 99LH
  • AL
    Hi Kevin, i'm not a wise investor, i'm only a small scale developer who own 5 FH land-title landed pty. My immediate instinct tell me that in the near future, only the top-notch 3 per cent S'porean prefer 2 own FH Land-Title landed pty b'cos of the status where they want 2 b as close rank as 2 Who's who like our Ministers, our top-notch developers, our top-notch bankers & etc. The main reasons being like u say from now on, government won't release any more FH or 999LH land, so those who own FH or 999LH will hv d final say as 2 determine whether it is S$2000psf or S$4000psf, as for d 99LH land, it is so common throughtout S'pore , the gap between FH, 999LH & 99LH will be widen tremendously, unless u r like me as a Landed pty developer u know where u stand but not so as a pty agent.
Mani Subramanian Veeramani
Dear Albert Lim,

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About "lease top-up" https://goo.gl/Ikcwxc

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