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Paley Kuang
Dear Frd,
If your Apt rental fee more then $3k the owner will pay to us.

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K Ravin
Hi Doreen,
We can assist you. Just pay for Documentation
and Stamping at IRAS. Fee negotiable. Please call Ravin 9798-5917 Knight Frank. Rgds Read More


Patrick Seah
Doreen, All the responses are right - you do not have to pay an agent's fee. However, the regulatory documentations, such as stamping will need to be paid though minmal.

However, I highly recommend using an agent to support you, high;ight and advise you on the Tenancy Agreement T&Cs and support you if there's any variations needed for the tenancy. E.g. the Diplomatic Cluase is the most misunderstood T&C and can be tricky if you suddenly have to leave and break lease due to unforeseen circumstances.

The fees are normally paid by the landlord if you sourced the property via an ad or internet listing. YOu may have to pay a fee if you engaged a broker to help you. This can be a goodwill or token sum if mutually agreed by you and the broker.

Good luck in your search - I am available for telephone advice if needed - 91377705.

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Kevin Seetoh
Hi ...i think u guys got it wrong...read the question...it says...."if i rent my apartment..must i still pay TENANT's Agt a fee"

The person posting this question is obviously the owner. If she is the tenant herself then she will put it as "my agt a fee". The answer is YES...you would have to pay the Tenant's Agt a fee unless your rental amount is below $2.5k then you wouldnt need to pay the fee. This fee is the market rate as what all agt would ask , the same as if you have an agent representing you.

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Betty Peh
Dear Friend,

The commission need to be disussed before the agent bring you a tenant.
If you rent out your place to a tenant whom represent by a agent; then usually 2 yrs lease, the com is one month rental. However, there are owner whom inform the agent that he/she only pay half a month for 2 yrs lease etc..then it depends on whehter that agent wanted to bring in their tenant or not.
In short, is negotiatable.

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