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Yes if your cash and cpf is sufficient for downpayment and stamp duties. May I have more info and requirements about your plans so to make better recommendations? Thanks and look forward to value-add to your housing plans.

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Hi there!

Good morning! Firstly, I would like to thank you for your query!
Yes you could if you could cover the cash portion.
The purchase breakdown is as followed:
-5% CASH ;deposit and exercise
[1% deposit AND 4% upon exercise]
-15% CPF (or cash if insufficient)
-3% Buyer Stamp duty; BSD (Can utilise CPF if you have enough funds)
-Additional BSD (Can utilise CPF if you have enough funds)
-Legal fee = $ 2,000~$3,500 dependent on individual legal firm.

Perhaps you can contact me at 96659926  for a short discussion for me to run you through the overview of the purchase framework, understand your requirements and specifications as well as calculate your finances on hand (Cash/CPF amalgamation) to construct a financial plan with payment timeline to narrow down ideal developments and shortlist exact unit layout type for your perusal. I have actively transacted many private properties (testimonials available on website) and since you may be unfamiliar with the process, you might want to tap onto advise and guidance in this regards, at no obligation of course.

I will walk you through the entire process from selecting developments/ arranging viewings, handling bank/finance aspect, arrange for your legal processing matters as well as handle all paperwork at no cost. The purchase of private property does not involve agent fees and thus, you will enjoy expertise at every level at no obligation and cost. Furthermore, I will take the opportunity to run you through past and present transaction caveat & illustrate a pricing and customised sales report with projected returns/ capital gains for you to observe and understand, offering market insights for your consideration. I will usually share about the property outlook with my clients and tailor make a plan that suits best for them in years to come. Thank You!

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You may want to call 9620 0827  or email to gavin.ng@orangetee.com for an open discussion.

Append is a testimonial from one of the past client.

Transaction ID: Buy/Rent
Address: Varsity Park Condominium, West Coast Road
Property Type: Private Condominium
Review Date: 24 Nov 2017

"Gavin is responsible property agent who facilitates the transaction since day 1. As my family is based overseas long term which makes the whole transaction challenging and complicated. His knowledge and service smooth the entire process"

Looking to hear from you.

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There are more info than provided to provide an analysis that is useful for a decision.

Some of the missing info are:
(1) Age
(2) Cash available
(3) What is your current and future plan (10 years)
(4) What is your marital status, any changes to it in the near future
(5) What is your CPF OA amount
(6) What is your variable income, such as annual bonus, AWS etc
(7) Any loan current servicing
(8) Did you have any credit issue now or previously

Hereby is an brief analysis with some of my presumption to provide a figure for reference only:
(a) You can properly afford to a property around $475k
(b) Loan amount = $380k
(c) Deposit (Cash + CPF) = $95k
(d) Fees & Duties = $35k

However, due to the missing info, I can only make a wide guess so pls don't bring this all the way to bank. :-))

Hope the above answer to your main concerns, but if there are more queries, please feel free to contact me at 90110636  , or email: ling.ck7@gmail.com if more information is needed.
I'll be glad to assist.

Best regards
Ling CK

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Base on your salary, 80% loan on the purchase should not be a problem, but have to work out the details. Please drop me an email for me to share with you the cost break down of the purchase.

To assist and advise you more in details, kindly drop me an email for me to share.

I am contactable at my mobile or email.

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Good Afternoon,

It’ll be good if you can provide more information to determine how much loan you can take. Do contact me should you need a financial analysis and advice on the timeline to better prepare you for the purchase :)

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