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J.A. Goh 吴永益
Hi JL,

You have fulfilled your MOP, and is now eligible to buy a private condo. Once you bought your condo, you can stay in your condo and rent out entirely your HDB, with approval from HDB.

If you do not have any outstanding loan for your HDB, banks will grant you 80% loan. So, if you are keen to upgrade to condo, I suggest, if possible on your financial side, clear off the loan. Taking a 80% loan is better than having to fork out 40% upfront.

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Johnny Goh Mui Huat
Hi JL,

Yes, you are eligible to buy private property if you did not take any grant when you purchase.

You are eligible for 80% loan after you fully paid the house. However, pls take note that most likely you will have to pay the 20% downpayment using cash only, subject to CPF ruling on CPF utilisation on second property.

Yes, should you decide to sell your current HDB, you are required to dispose the private property within 6 month after you buy a new or resale HDB.

I always thought that it is better to rent out private property and stay in HDB for the following reasons:

1) Generally you can collect higher rental for private property, and if this amount is sufficient to cover your monthly instalment, isn’t it a good form of investment? You might be able to buy a third private property after a few years, not too late to stay in private property during then.

2) You still pay 4% property tax for HDB. If you stay in private and rent out HDB, you will be paying 10% property tax for both.

3) Should you decide to sell your private property for whatsoever reason, you can always sell with tenancy.

The only downside I can think of is that you can’t get to enjoy facilities and lifestyles in private property. However as i mentioned earlier, you might get to buy a third property!

Lastly, pls take note that should you decide to rent out HDB, you can only do so after 3 years MOP, meaning only after 5th March 2012.

Hope that I had answered your question.

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Thanks and Regards
Johnny Goh
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