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Ivan Ng

Seller Stamp Duty is only incurred if you have held the property in your name for 4 years and less. Its 16/12/8/4% if held for 1/2/3/4 years respectively. If its more than 4 years SSD is not an issue.

However do note that the next condo purchase, ABSD is applicable since you already have 1 property under your name. As a SC, its 7%. It will be ideal to do some financial planning together so to be sure how things can worked out for a smooth transition.

May I have more info and requirements about your plans so to make better recommendations? Thanks and look forward to value-add to your housing plans.

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(Client's Testimonials)

--- HDB Flat Sellers Uncle "Seng" and Mdm. Png ---

Translation from Mandarin:

We are from the Pioneer Generation, already in our 70s, and have no experience selling HDB flat. As our new BTO is arriving, we considered selling our flat earlier.

We felt he was a patient agent who is willing to hear out our plans and concerns, and explain new HDB selling procedures clearly to us. He is also a hardworking agent who did Roadshows for weeks to create awareness for our unit, and we quickly found a buyer through this avenue.

We also appreciate that he made the extra effort to accompany us down to the Banks and Town Council to help us with the outstanding paperwork procedures, and ensure the sale go through smoothly. Throughout the process, we always felt assured and happy, as Ivan was always professional, accessible and saw things through till conclusion. Ivan will remain as a family friend and we will be glad to invite him over for coffee when our BTO is ready.

--- HDB Flat Sellers Mr. Hayum and Ms. Azizah ---

Ivan has justified our faith in appointing him as our Exclusive Agent. He transacted our unit at 620k, above valuation & highest price ever achieved for our block, within 2 months.

In a slow market, you need a proactive & committed agent who puts the extra effort. Besides advertising in papers & online intensively, he also had personally distributed flyers & spoke to potential buyers in neighboring blocks to increase exposure. Every week there were viewings & feedback.

He actually secured 2 attractive offers but assessed that the 2nd one will be a more smooth transaction. We're glad to have proceeded with his advice for a successful completion. Throughout he was professional and responsive. We wish him a great career and will be happy to recommend his services.

--- HDB Flat Buyers Mr. & Mrs. Lau ---

"As 1st-timer Buyers we had plenty of questions, and were uncertain on how best to proceed. A discussion with Ivan cleared our doubts and our plans could progress quickly. We are comfortable with his working style as he is not pushy, and tries to think from our point of view.

It took us about 8 months & at least 30 viewings to find something ideal, & Ivan was always happy to 'house-hunt' with us, always emphasizing "Don't worry, suit you then buy. Important is that you all buy happy & parents endorse the unit".

Eventually, we got our ideal unit, negotiated below valuation. The financial planning calculations were smooth, breakdown was detailed and schedule of payments illustrated clearly so we know what to expect at each phase.

Every phase of hdb process & timeline was explained in detail & hassle free. If you're looking for an agent who is professional & patient, can give Ivan a call. He values the long-term relationship and looks out for your interests. Thanks Ivan and see you at our housewarming!" Read More


Bhavina Kaur
Good morning!

Seller Stamp Duty is only incurred if you have held the property for 4 years or less. If you have owned this abovementioned condo which you intend to sell for more than 4 years, no Seller Stamp Duty will be payable.

However since you own a HDB and want to sell the current condo to buy another condo, there will be Additional Buyer Stamp Duty payable.

Do contact me at my mobile and I will explain in further detail.

Bhavina Kaur
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Joanne Chia 谢诗琳
Good day Mr Annur Basheer sir ,

No seller stamp duty payable if the condo you are selling is bought more than 4 years ago .

However please note 7% ABSD additional buyer stamp duty payable when a singaporean buy a 2nd property or in your case when you try to buy another condo when you still have a hdb .

Alternatively to avoid paying ABSD , you can consider selling both your existing property , concurrently you and/or your spouse each can buy a private property individually , therefore savings of 7% ABSD .

Kindly contact me for a no obligations chat for your property needs .

My charges are 1% commission for exclusive selling rights to your property , or 2% for open listing.

Joanne chia
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