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Hi, so sorry for what happened to you, it seems like it was an unpleasant experience for you. If there are any quotation for any repairs that they need to deduct from your deposit, they will have to produce a receipt for it, and not throw a ballpark figure. If you really wish to lodge an complaint, you can go to CEA or their agency.

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Complains to CEA can be made against the professionalism but on the matters regarding minor repair, it may not be right to direct the complain to her unless you are firm that she is acting without the landlord's instruction, thus misrepresenting. For deposit claims, the right channel to go to is through the Small Claims Tribunal.

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Yes, you have strong grounds to lodge a complaint with the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) regarding the unprofessional conduct of the lady agent. Here's a breakdown of the issues and how to proceed:

**Issues with the Agent:**

* **Unreasonable Fee Request:** You shouldn't be required to obtain receipts unless it's explicitly stated in your tenancy agreement. Providing your rent transfer details with the management fee included is sufficient.
* **Unprofessional Communication:** Switching to Chinese text messages and expecting you to translate is unacceptable. CEA expects agents to communicate effectively in English.
* **Unfounded Wear and Tear Charges:** Minor wear and tear is expected during tenancy. The agent should provide evidence of pre-existing damage if they want to claim deductions. Quoting a repair price without proof is unreasonable.

**Filing a Complaint with CEA:**

* You can file a complaint against the agent with the CEA online through their e-Services portal: [https://www.cea.gov.sg/](https://www.cea.gov.sg/)>> NOTE : USE HER HANDPHONE NUMBER TO KEY IN TO: https://www.cea.gov.sg/aceas/public-register/sales/1
* Clearly outline the agent's unprofessional conduct, including the language barrier issue, unreasonable fee request, and unsubstantiated wear-and-tear charges.
* Attach any relevant evidence, such as screenshots of communication, your rent transfer details, or photos/videos of the apartment's condition.

**Additional Tips:**

* **Review Tenancy Agreement:** Carefully review your tenancy agreement regarding responsibilities for management fees and wear and tear.
* **Gather Evidence:** Document any communication with the agent and take photos/videos of the apartment's condition when you return it.
* **Consider Mediation:** The CEA might recommend mediation before pursuing a formal complaint.

By filing a complaint, you can help ensure that this agent doesn't mistreat other tenants in the future. The CEA will investigate your complaint and take appropriate action if they find merit in your claims.

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