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Joanne Chia 谢诗琳
Good day sir / madam ..............you can consider looking for buyer of your property that is agreeable to few months extension stay for you after sales completion ..........or sell with few months tenancy lease back to you which will give you sufficient time to buy a bigger condo and time for renovation if neccessary........in total you do NOT need to shift twice ............may i offer my housing services...........pardon me for self-marketing , i have seal hdb , condo and landed property deals within 1 viewing while serving sellers , however I am no miracle salesperson but merely a property price match maker ................may i offer my property marketing services ..........my charges are 1% comm for exclusive selling rights to your property or 2% for open listing ............allow me to email you a free report of your property ............kindly contact me for a no obligations chat for your property needs ..........joanne chia ........huttons real estate ...........hp 8333 3327 ..........chia_joanne@yahoo.com.sg Read More


Geryl Lim
Dear madam,

I believe that finances wise you should be ready for the upgrade therefore the question here is the transitional period, where are you going to put up. The rationale here is that you do not want to be put into a difficult spot whereby you need to undersell your current property due to your commitment to the new property. I have clients like yourself who is moving out of apartments into landed and the very first thing I did with these clients is to run through the attributes of the property they have for sale and manage their expectations in terms of pricing and timing. All sellers do not want to shortchange themselves when it comes to the sale of their property, however, if another objective is in sight, adjustments could probably be made. In this case, I am sure getting a right property to purchase at a decent price will also help reduce the strain on the need to sell your existing property at the high price. Both purchase and sale can go on concurrently if all expectations levels are managed. Like what Joanne has mentioned, I had personally managed to request for 6 months and 3 months extension for 2 different clients after the sale such that they are able to shortlist their own purchase thereafter.

Let us find a decent time to sit down for discussion perhaps.


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