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Hi, yes it could be done. If you have already signed an exclusive with this agent before, you could actually terminate the exclusive and by informing the agent that you are planning to bring in some more agents to assist you further. Pls feel free to let me know if you need any other assistance. Have a good weekend.

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Tricia Tan 陈丽子
Hi Sir
Getting an exclusive agent will be of the best interest to you as the agent can protect and negotiate on your targeted pricing.
However if you feel the agent is not doing his best, you can actually terminate his contract and engage another agent.
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Tricia Tan
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I suggest you discuss with him/her your concerns and request feedback on exactly what marketing efforts has been done weekly & the response of previous viewers. If you still find that things are not satisfactory, you may wish to open up your options. Thanks and hope to understand your concerns and discuss further.

Warm regards
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Zheng Yanhui(Alex)
Hi, Maybe you can talk your agent first, see what are the feedback from those buyers. Is the price too high or buyer having loan issue due to MSR ? What are the advertisement activities he/she have done for your property ? I believe engage another agent wont not be able to solve the problem. This will only discourage the agent to work harder for your unit.

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Dear owner,

While we understand that you are motivated to sell, it would be premature to pass of judgement that buyers brought to view your place are not serious, otherwise why would the buyers want to take their precious time off their weekends or non-office hours to view your property? I believe everyone will like to spend time enjoying themselves with their loved ones instead of being subjected to the warm Singapore weather for viewing. Just like if you are a buyer and went for viewing, would you feel that sellers are not serious if unit does not fall into your expectations?

Since you have acknowledged that your appointed salesperson is working hard to reach out to the prospective buyers, you may wish to find out more from him what are the feedbacks from the buyers who have viewed or what are the main challenges faced in the marketing process. Termination of exclusive should be done only if the appointed salesperson has failed to work on the marketing assignment proper and communicated to him or her as a last resort. Since agreement was signed proper by both parties, it cannot be terminated by a single party as and when he or she feel like doing so. It is advisable to only bring in more salesperson if he or she fails to secure the right offer at the end of the exclusive period.

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In order not to miss any potential buyer, agent will normally conduct viewing upon request. But we do qualify they buyer before confirming the appointment.

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