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YT Tan (陈永达)
Morning Mdm. kc ma,

There are currently 2 units in Westcove condo on sale at the moment. Both units are selling close to $1.25M, less than $1k PSF while a few over at West Bay condo.

If you are keen in viewing this weekend, do notify me. I will make all the necessary arrangements for you to view.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Warmest Regards,
YT Tan
ECG Property
M: (+65) 9111 5171
E: yt.lovelyhomes@gmail.com Read More


  • KM
    Hi Mr. Tan,
    Thanks for reply. Yes, pls. help to arrange viewing them. I am available this coming Sunday after 3pm. If not, weekdays evening or next weekend. You can sms me at 98623158 or makasey@yahoo.com.sg