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Soh Ah Hiang Christina
Property prices now is at a reasonable price unlike last year which varied by a lot.
it is a good time to purchase a private property due to stable prices and the future projects coming in singapore like IRs.
Different Bank bankers will valuate the property as they are using different valuation methods, prices will slighly different, but need not worry will get a best valuation from bankers.

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Patrick Seah
Dear Buyer,

Sad to sy - there will never be a good or right time to buy a propertty. The factors surrounding purchasing a property lies in what you need - for investment or for your own stay.

The best time is still NOW... buying a good property that meets your needs and will command a premium when you want to re-market it some time done the road. You must have an eye for a "good" property when you see one. This is where a good property broker or agent can help and advice.

The formalities of the purchase, such as valuations, legal, can be supported and managed by your housing broker.

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