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Aldrich Er
Hi MaryJane

First, work out your budget.

- How much cash upfront you can afford
- How much CPF you can use (if you have CPF)
- How much loan you can take.


- Important to know where you want to buy. So think hard about it.
- Buy what you need and not what you can afford

(Especially in today’s market, prices are on the high side, buyer whom need to buy, tend to end up settling for somewhere they don’t really like because of budget issue)


Relocating need time, thus it is important to work out when you need the place by.

- You can consider new developer sales if you have time
- If time is a constrain then you might need to consider resale

Developer sale typically takes 2 - 3yrs to complete.
Resale typically takes 3 - 4 months to complete.

After having all the above answer, I am sure you are ready to shop for your studio apartment.
Kelvin Ng
Hi MaryJane,

Before you proceed, would need to check with you on the purpose of getting a studio unit.

Secondly, i would advise you to check on how much loan the bank can support you for.

If you are getting for investments, the banks would likely be more receptive to support you further.

Please give me a call @ 9386-0900 if you are keen to know more.