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Gavin Ng
Hi Avinash,

You may text 9620 0827 or email to gavinngyt@gmail.com for a casual discussion.

Warmest regards

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Aaron Chong
Hi Nanwani,

I would be most glad to assist you further and please feel free to let me know if you need any assistance. Have a good day ahead.

Aaron Chong
9730 8455
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Ling CK
Hi Avinash,

1) Foreigners can purchase any private apartment in Singapore.
2) Singapore has no restriction on foreigners buying private property as long as it is non-landed.
3) You may choose to buy 99 yrs leasehold, 999 leaseholds,s or freehold.
4) The only difference between local citizens, Permanent Residences (PR), and foreigners is the buyer stamp duty. Foreigner has to pay a 20% additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) on top of buyer stamp duty.
5) Local citizens and permanent residences pay lower ABSD rates dependent on the number of properties they own in Singapore.
6) Bank loan for a property is the same across the board for local citizens, PR & Foreigners; 25% downpayment, maximum 75% loan, and subject to TDSR (Total Debt Servicing Ratio) to determine how much you could borrow.
7) Interest rate is also the same regardless of residential status.
8) As long as you can prove your active income locally or overseas, the bank will be able to assist in doing the loan assessment.
9) You may engage a property agent in assisting you to recommend or arrange a viewing appointment. No commission is charged for agent service.

Hope the above answer to your main concerns, but if there are more query, please feel free to contact me at 90110636, or email: ling.ck7@gmail.com if more information is needed.
I'll be glad to assist.

Best regards
Ling CK

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Silvia Yang
Hi Avinash

Silvia here from ERA, I am Indonesian realtor based in Singapore
I have assisted many of my Indonesian client to secure their Singapore Property and will be glad to assist you as well.
No agent fee from private property buyer
I can communicate in English and Bahasa Indonesia

1. Foreigners are eligible to purchase private apartment in Singapore (except landed house need approval to purchase).
2. Do you plan to take loan for your purchase? If yes, You can apply for loan from Singapore bank.
Currently Singapore have competitive interest rate for home loan at 1.x%.
I can connect you with reputable banker for this, free of charge and no obligation.
3. How many bedrooms are you looking at and which area you prefer?

Appreciate if you can contact me at (65) 96608508 or Silviayang8@gmail.com
or click here https://bit.ly/WaSilvia to whatsapp me for no obligation discussion
Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Silvia Yang (Silvia Yogisaputra)

Senior Marketing Director
ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd
Mobile: (65) 9660 8508
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