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Yes, it is possible.

In fact, CEA has advised to stick to virtual viewing as much as possible.

Clients and property agents are encouraged to use IT tools and solutions and only meet in person if it is absolutely necessary for the property transaction to be conducted.

However, do note that there may be disadvantages in virtual viewing as you may not be able to spot some of the hidden defects that may come with the property.

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Aaron Chong

I would be most glad to assist you further and please feel free to let me know if you need any assistance. Have a good day ahead. By the way, is your son at 18 years of age or above? In order for him to sign on the tenancy agreement.

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Ethan Lim
Yes it is possible to secure a rental property from abroad without being in Singapore in person. Tenancy agreements can be done electronically if both parties, mainly the tenant and the landlord are agreeable to that.

However, if there is a dispute in the matter and a legal action is contemplated, the courts will require orginal signed copies. Hence it is advisable that wet-ink signed copies to be done as soon as it is convenient preferably when Your son (if he is above 18) arrives in Singapore or You if he is not of age.

Alternatively, the contract can be sent overseas via registered postage and signed in the presence of a notary public.

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Steven Wang
This is Steven San.

Yes, it is definitely possible to lease the unit first for your son, and the rest of the family members come later.

I have helped many incoming expats with their rentals even before they arrived here.

Do get in touch with me.

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