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Kevin Woo
Hi Mr. Seah,

As what Simon has mentioned, the market in that region has already moved way beyond the quantum you stated. Even a freehold 2br unit in Yio Chu Kang area was already transacted at 880k.

If the location is important to you, then you may need to up your budget or get a 1 bedroom unit, if available.

Otherwise, you may want to look at the suburban regions for a lower quantum.

Wish you the best in your property hunt!

Kevin Woo
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  • HS
    Thanks Kevin. We are ok if we are not near to these locations. Sorry, may be we should put it as such, we plan to move near these location as we are putting our kid near to one of the school there. We are fine with location further slightly further with 30min school bus ride. With this conditions, is it possible to get something ? Thanks