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There are always some inherent risks when viewing a unit through a video as you will not be able to physically inspect the unit for any major issues and defects. During the moving in stage, we advise you to do a inventory list and to document any defects by taking photographs. You can then point this out to your landlord to ask them to have them rectified.

The general rule is that a chattel (an item of personal property which is movable) always remains the tenant's and is removable by him at the end of the tenancy, whereas a fixture is the property of the landlord and the tenant has no right of removal.

As such, for items that are fixed to the wall such as cupboards or structural in nature, it is the landlord's duty to rectify it.

For chattels, it is the duty of the tenant to repair it.

This is where a minor repair clause kicks in.

A minor repair clause is for the maintenance of the property due to wear and tear and not due to the tenant's negligence. These include the flooring, interior plaster and other surface materials, doors, windows, locks and furniture. The tenant shall pay up to $150 per item while the landlord bears the exceeding $150 per item as stated in the invoice.

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Firstly you may want to have an agent to assist you further so that your interest can be better protected. Secondly, tenant has a 30 day warranty period from the moment he or she moves into the unit.

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