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Ander Ang

I appreciate you can send me details of both properties to anderang@hotmail.com. With the details, i can ask my bankers to do an indicative valuation. From there, we will be able to know the market value of the units.

Ander ERA
Clinton Lim
Hi Siantar,

The market value of Fortune Jade should range from around $1M onwards and $800k for your unit at Highland Centre.
All this is definitely dependable on the condition, facing and floor. The market price can be determined by doing a indicative valuation. I can arrange that for you.

To determine which to sell. You have to always ponder over the following first:
1: Are you in need of funds?
2: If you're financially stable, which property is a good one for the future that you can hold onto?
3: Should you instead rent out for a possible capital appreciation in the future?

I believe once you're able to answer the following above. The picture would be much clearer.
I hope to assist you as much as i can.
Please feel free to drop me an email at clintonlimzj@hotmail.com for further discussion of any sort
Alternatively, i can be reached at 94523347

Hope to hear from you soon Siantar.