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Benedict Lee
Hi! Clarence,
Keep in touch with my thru email lee.chorheng@yahoo.com.sg (see www.benedictlee.myweb.sg).
I can do a planning with you.
Feel free to call me at 81632138
Titan Tan ???
Dear Clarence,

I have a better suggestion. Let's try to work on the selling before the HDB market soften due to the new ruling. 1st quarter of next year, it is expected that HDB prices will come down slighly.

I have manage to help my friend sell his flat before MOP. Please give me a call at 91883678 to discuss further. I will share more insight with you.

Look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,
Titan Tan
ERA - Always There For You
Hansen Sy
Hi Clarence,

I think its a very good idea. I suggest that you begin the process now. You may contact me at 9230-5754 or email me at hansen@homeswithhansen.com.

I'm from HSR property group and one of the greater advantage is that you stand a chance to win a Mercedes Benz if you Sell/Buy/Rent through us. HSR is 'the largest and best real estate agency' (Singapore Property News). We have arguably the biggest network of qualified buyers who will offer you top dollars in the fastest possible time.

Plus you will enjoy other benefits like Guaranteed Home Protection Plan where buyers will have more reasons to buy your HDB flat because it will remove worries about repair and replacement cost. Within a reasonable period of time, HSR will send its contractor to repair the defect in your home. If it cannot be done, we will replace the defective component.

And as your sole exclusive agent, we will present you a 12-page full-color Sole Agency Marketing (SAM) plan. It will show you how to enjoy the following benefits:
. Professional service
. Best price and terms
. Fastest possible time, and
. Absolute convenience

We will mobilize all the resources of the company, staff, colleagues and other agents to execute the plan.

My HSR's SAM process covers strategic steps under the following headings:
1. Enhance the marketability of your property
2. Effectively market your property, and
3. Follow-up after the transaction

The SAM Plan will also indicate the distinct advantages of marketing your property through My HSR. In addition, you will be offered a written GPP agreement to assure you of the above benefits.

Sounds good? Give me a call @9230-5754 or email me at hansen@homeswithhansen.com and see for yourself how we can maximize your profit and reduce your risks.

Have a great day!

Warmest regards,

Mr. Hansen Sy
HP: 9230-5754