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Hi, this will depend on what the handyman says, if it is by no means caused by the negligence of the tenant and it just broke down, it may not fall under the minor repair clause. Of course you can discuss this with the landlord and see what he says.

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You are right, since this is beyond repair, minor repair clause does not apply. Should landlord be concern on this, they can arrange for their own technician to come for an assessment. Read More
Hi, appreciate your sharing. It begins from 2nd month onwards if any repair falls under it. Do check with MCST or landlord whether anymore warranty period the soonest.
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Refer to the TA Clause: Highlight the clause about minor repairs and the cost-sharing structure. State your belief that this falls outside the scope of minor repairs due to the newness of the condo and the complete breakdown.

Negotiate: If the landlord insists you contribute to the cost, try to negotiate a reasonable amount considering the circumstances. Read More