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Kevin Kishin
hi, its better to represented by another agent on your side, to protect your interest. As 1 agent serving two people may arise disputes.
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James Ng H H
Dear Gabriel,
There is no rule to prevent you from paying an agent to serve you. A good agent, or exclusive buyer's agent is worth more than the 0.5 to 1 % commission you pay. Your agent will act in your interest and can not collect commission from seller or seller's agent.
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Michelle Goh
Hi Gabriel,

This is a fantastic question where most buyers really want to know. Most have the misconception when they started asking around and confused with different answers.

Bottom-line is what your main purpose is? Whether you’re buying for own stay or investment purpose? Do you know what you want? Or do you need guidance to help you see the differences between buying Condo/Apartment, Landed and Commercial or Industrial properties to attain favorable capital gain or rental yield?

If you already know what you want, simple go to the source & bargain with or without an agent, you are likely to save on the commission. If you require professional advice on properties analysis to achieve your objective, by rewarding an agent small commission could help you achieve elevated target.

It’s your call. Do decide wisely.

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Catherine PANG
the is no fixed rule on commisssion payable. www.catherinepang.com Read More


Raymond Tan
Hi Gabriel,

If you get an agent to represent you(a buyer) and willing to give him the commission, he is more willing to help you to fight for a better price. If the seller agent quote 3.5million for landed, you can reward him by asking to fight down to 3.3million. You save 200k. (if you give him a 1% commission, he also happy to earn a 33k. And you will be happy to save 167k. Why not pay him? If he share a commission with the seller agent, he get about 0.5%. If he just help you to close the deal at 3.5million, then he receive about 17.5k. Yet you pay 200k extra. It is simple logic and simple decision to take.

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Best Regards,
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