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In a Feng Shui perspective, the main door of your residence allows for good chi to enter your home, and it is not ideal if it faces the lift door. When the main entrance of a unit faces another door, the typical door-facing-door Feng Shui problem arises. This brings conflict and tension between your relationship with your spouse or parents. This can be resolved by our almighty protection emblem which helps to dissolve the negative environmental ‘sha’ influence caused by the door clashes.

The frequent dreaming in the 2nd room could be caused by magnetic field differences where this room has a higher frequency in terms of its magnetic flux. The humidity of the air could also affect your sleep quality. Placing a humidifier could help.

For your information, a good Feng Shui house is based on (1) external environmental factors, (2) internal structure of the unit (eg no missing corners), (3) the balance of yin-yang and more. The orientation of the house should also fit the home buyer and occupant’s birth information (i.e. Ba Zi).

A comprehensive Feng Shui audit can help you accurately assess the house and resolve any issues if there are. Should you like to find out more, you may approach us for a non-obligatory call to assist you. Do feel free to WhatsApp us at: wa.me/6588687686 or see more at www.yuanzhongsiu.com.

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