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Ivan Ng

I understand your concerns on this issue, and I will be glad to understand your requirements further before value-adding further. Personally, if I was the seller, credentials and track record are not the most important, I will work with agents im comfortable with and will go for the few who will demonstrate with action that they truly have my interests in mind. Hope to have the opportunity to work long-term with you. Thanks.

Warm regards,
Ivan ERA
CK Ang
Hi Rosewati, most of the agents are very committed with the exclusive. The other important point for you to consider is the marketing strategy the agent will implement on your property. Of course you must be comfortable to work with him/her. I can share with you my strength and strategies via email.

I am reachable at my mobile or email.

CK Ang
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Joanne Chia 谢诗琳
Good day mrs rosewati sukiman ...........kindly contact me for a no-obligations chat ........... I have successfully sold many properties within 1 month of marketing ................however the sellers were very realistic with their prices ...........my charges are 1% comm for exclusive sellng rights to your property or 2% for open listing , gst charges apply .............if it is of any consolation to you , cashing out now is at approximately 5% short of all time historic high price , the previous peak prices was at the tail end of year 2013.............joanne chia ...........hp 8333 3327
Jase Ng
Hi Mrs Rosewati,

I specialized in Private properties in the east, grown up in the east and currently staying in a private property in the east. Let me know if I'm able to serve you. Hope to hear from you soon. My mobile number is 81885156 and my email is jaseng.kf@gmail.com. Thank you.

Joshua Koh

I sell private apartment in these area. Please feel free to contact me and i can do a presentation for you and let you understand more. Cheers!

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Joshua Koh
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ERA Realty Network PTE LTD
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Mervin Tang
Hello Mrs Sukiman,

First of all, yes, I am specialized in private property in the East thus I would be very well versed in the current market conditions, and I am holding a price record for one of the premier condominiums there.

There have been many views to this thread, and at the same time many varied responses by my peer Real Estate Professionals.

Given that you have marketed your property for 3 months, clearly your objectives have not been met.

Perhaps, the solution to your problem is already in the above.

There was a famous saying from a business consultant when he get's called in to look at failing businesses.

"To understand where a business is going, just look at the:
1. Mission objectives
2. The staff remuneration plan

In your case, #1 is to sell your house.
Let me shed some perspective on #2.

The remuneration plan is ALWAYS viewed in conjuncture with your competitors. Which in this case simply put, means other private property private owners, OR, private developers.

In today's market, the primary volume in the sales market lies in Project sales. Simply because at a glance, 1% is a low average. Further, to absorb GST puts your remuneration offer at lower than the market average. Hence, if your remuneration plan falls short of the market expectation, then real estate brokers with the buyers on hand will simply pass by your property. Further complicating matters is to use an "Open Listing" function. TOP performers will never come to you if you insist as such.

However, there is an additional assumption here that ALL real estate agents are the same. They are not.

There are RES that can value add and ultimately get a premium price on the seller's property. The 80-20 rule dictates that this top 20% of RES will be able to move your property and fetch a premium despite today's market conditions. Bear in mind that these top performers are busy people and can only accept so many assignments at a time, based on your marketing structure of an Open Listing and your remuneration package, why would these people accept your case?

In summary, "Wave peanuts, attract monkeys, house still not sold."

Best Regards,

Mervin Tang
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Kevin Chung 莊國賢
In my point of view, absorbing GST for commission is a form of financial kick back. It is illegal for agent to offer kick back to our clients. You will also be cheating IRAS of tax revenue. You are so brave to ask it openly.

Kevin Chung
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