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Hi Hiroki

A dual key apartment is one apartment that is divided into two dwellings.
Both dwellings are typically self-contained and will include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living space

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Brendan Bay Bin Hao
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For dual key units, you buy 1 unit and get "2 homes" as both homes can be "separated".

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Hi Hiroki,

Dual key unit is a unit where once you enter the main door, there will be another 2 doors which lead to the main unit and to the dual key unit.
Main unit is where you can find the usual living and dining room, kitchen, back yard, balcony, master bedrooms and rest of the bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
Dual key unit is the one that usually only consists of 1 room with attached bathroom and in some project, it comes with its own pantry, fridge, and small balcony.

It is suitable if you have a parents stay together with you or if you want to rent out the whole main unit and yourself stay in the dual key unit. Or, you and your family stay in the main unit and you can rent out the dual key unit to your tenant.

Dual key unit offers you more privacy, more exclusivity and more flexibility on how you want to rent out your rooms / unit.

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Robbie Chen Chee Howe

A dual-key unit usually has 2 separate entrances to the unit, with each entrance leading to a separate dwelling space.

Even though both the spaces shares their own private space, the spaces share the same address.

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