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J.A. Goh 吴永益
Hi Ms. Help,

You are affected by the MOP regulation implement on 5 March 2010 - 3 yrs regardless of what loan you takes.

Well, the only way out is if your BF do not own any HDB, he may use his name to prchase a condo.

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Mike Tay
Dear Sir/Mdm

There appears to be a confusion between MOP and private property purchase by HDB owners.

For resale HDB,
If you now own a non-subsidised flat as at 30 Aug 2010, you may continue to buy a private property. The new measures apply to applications received by HDB from 30 Aug 2010 onwards to buy non-subsidised flats.

For applications received by HDB from 30 Aug 2010 onwards for purchase of non-subsidised flat (i.e. a resale flat bought without CPF housing grant):

a) Flat buyers need to meet a Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) of 5 years, before they can sell the non-subsidised flat in the open market or sublet the whole flat.

b) Flat buyers are not allowed to concurrently own the non-subsidised flat and private residential property within the MOP. Ownership of private properties by HDB lessees will be allowed after the MOP.

Flat buyers who have already bought a flat or whose application to buy a flat is received by HDB before 30 Aug 2010 will not be subject to the new measures.

For subsidy HDB and after 30 Aug 2010, MOP period apply.

Please call me at 97455178 for clarification. We have a buyer package for you to target your desired project at target price.


Mike Tay

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